Pre-ordering Movies and TV seasons on Target Ticket

You can now pre-order your favorite movies and TV shows on Target Ticket! Place your pre-order now and get movies placed in your library as soon as they’re released. You can also pre-order a whole TV season and get episodes automatically added, as soon as they become available.

To set this up, visit the “pre-order now” page and select the movie or TV season you want to watch.  Once confirmed, selected movies and TV shows will be added to the “my pre-orders” section of your account. Keep in mind, your credit card will not be charged until the movie or first episode of the TV season is ready for you to watch.  If you have any available store credit, this will be used first and then your credit card on file will be used to pay for any remaining balance.  Any applicable sales taxes will also be applied at the time of purchase.

To view your pre-orders, you can look under the “pre-orders” section under the “my library” menu. Here you can make changes before your pre-order is processed. For digital movies, bonus content will be added once your order is complete. If you have pre-ordered a TV season, your first episode will show up in your library once your order is processed. When a new movie or episode is available for you to watch, a reminder email will be sent to you. Easy as that!

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