How long is the viewing period for rented or purchased titles?

Purchased content (buy) comes with five licenses.  The license will not expire, however the movie may become unavailable due to Studio Agreements (Please see the article, " My purchased titles are no longer available for me to watch " for additional information on this).  You can download your title to your Target Ticket Player, iOS or Android device (up to 5 different devices) but keep in mind that each download will use one license. In order to stream your movie or TV show, you'll need to retain at least one license.  If your device crashes or you reformat your hard drive, you will lose your license and will have to use another license to replace the movie or TV show on that device. 

Renting a title comes with a single license. Once you start playing the rented title, you will have a 24 or 48 hour viewing window.  From the date of the rental you will have 30 days to watch the title.  The license will be used once playback has started within the 30 days and the 24/48 hour viewing period will then begin.  Your licenses will be stored in the Digital Rights Management (DRM) folder on your computer. If your DRM folder becomes corrupt, gets renamed or deleted, your license will be lost. Please refer to the FAQ, "What is a License " for additional information.

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