Why did my UltraViolet (UV) purchases disappear from my library?

If your UltraViolet titles, including the ones you purchased from Target Ticket, have disappeared from your library, make sure your Target Ticket account is still linked to your UltraViolet account.  If it is not, please link the accounts. If you still don't see your movies, you may have multiple UltraViolet accounts.  UltraViolet enabled titles, purchased from Target Ticket, can only be linked to one UltraViolet account. Account members with full permissions can merge two accounts on uvvu.com. To merge two accounts, sign into one account at uvvu.com, go to Library Settings (accessible via the Dashboard) and select Merge Two Accounts. Follow the steps to complete the merge. You'll be asked to sign in to the second account, so be sure a full access member of the second account is available to provide the sign-in name and password.

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