How do I sign up for an UltraViolet account?

Signing up for a UV account is fast and easy. Simply sign up and link your accounts under your account settings . You can also do this during the checkout process, from your shopping cart. From Your Account: If you already have a Target Ticket account, just log in and go to your account settings . Once there, you'll be able to create a new or link your previously existing UV account. To link your previously existing UV account, go to link my UltraViolet account . At this point, we'll check to see if your email address is associated with an UltraViolet account. If it is, you'll be prompted to sign into UV. If you already have an UltraViolet account, but under a different email address, you can sign in and link it to your Target Ticket account. You're all set! You now have a UV account linked to your Target Ticket account!

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