How do I redeem the UltraViolet code that came with my Blu-ray Disc?

You can redeem your UltraViolet code that came with your Blu-Ray Disc by logging into your Target Ticket account and selecting Redeem UltraViolet in the left column or by visiting .

From there you can look for the movie you want to redeem.  

If you don't find the title you're looking for, it may not be available for UltraViolet redemption on Target Ticket, but don't worry! We're always updating and adding titles and it may become available at a future date.   

After finding the title, select redeem UltraViolet . A new pop up window will appear where you'll need to enter your UltraViolet code that came with your Blu-ray Disc.  

If you receive any errors when trying to redeem the UltraViolet code, please make sure you've typed in the code correctly. If you're still having issues, please contact the studio who issued the code with the Blu-ray Disc.

You can find the available studios below:

Warner Bros:

Sony: (800) 860-2878


Fox: (888) 223-4369




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