What are some of the benefits of having an UltraViolet account?

UltraViolet ( www.uvvu.com ) is a free, cloud-based digital rights library that gives you flexibility to watch your UltraViolet enabled movies and TV shows on multiple platforms.  UltraViolet allows you to create a library that you can access through multiple UltraViolet-enabled devices or retailers. This allows you to buy your digital media once, and enjoy whenever or wherever you want!  

UltraViolet content is easily purchased, organized, accessed and viewed with the help of multiple Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies. You can redeem the e-copies of multiple DVD and Blu-Rays through Target Ticket. Additionally, the UltraViolet logo makes it easy to recognize titles that play in Ultraviolet-branded players, apps, and services. Finally, you can link your account to Target Ticket, further expanding your content collection and viewing options. For additional information about a UV account, please visit www.uvvu.com.

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