How do I download my movie or TV show to my computer?

To download your movie or TV show to your Windows computer, please do the following: Sign into Go to My Library , All Media and click the Watch button for the purchased content you want to download and click Download . This will launch the Target Ticket Player and begin downloading your movie. If you don't have the Target Ticket Player installed you'll be prompted to install the plugin to download the Target Ticket Player (mmgr_install.exe) to your Hard Drive.   Once the download is complete, double click on the file and run the install.   After installation is finished, your download will be in the queue and begin downloading.   Additional Troubleshooting Steps: If this isn't working, it could be due to required plug-ins. For security reasons, Internet browsers require plug-ins that enables the browser to talk to the download player. If you experience plug-in issues with Chrome or Firefox please try to download your content again with Internet Explorer 8 or 9. If this isn't your first time, and you're having problems getting the download to queue up and/or start, please try the following: Remove the plugin from your browser, clear the browser's cache, close the browser, uninstall the Target Ticket Player from your computer, launch the browser, log back into the web site and try downloading again.

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