What should I do if my Internet Explorer prompts me to re-download the Rovi player?

To resolve this, you'll need to adjust the Internet Explorer security settings and accept the proper ActiveX controls for downloading. Open your Internet Explorer browser and do the following: Go to Tools, Internet Options, and click Security. Select Internet in the Zone window. Click the Custom Level button in the security level for this zonepane. In Settings, scroll down to the ActiveX controls and plug-ins list. Make sure all ActiveX options are set to Enable or Prompt.Click OK on each Internet Explorer option window and close them. Login to your account on targetticket.com and choose any movie to download from your Library. You'll get a prompt to download the ActiveX controls (this prompt will appear as a yellow banner at the top of your browser window). Accept the ActiveX Controls from the Download Player and then, again, click Download from a title in your Library. After completing the steps above, the installation message shouldn't appear again.

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