How do I use the webstore with a wireless internet connection?

Downloading or streaming over a wireless connection could cause the movie or TV show to not play properly. We recommend a high speed wired connection. If you still want to try and use a wireless connection, we have some tips to try: Optimize your Wireless Internet Connection by changing the default SSID (Service Set Identifier) of your wireless router/access point. This is the name of the wireless network that you connect to from your computer. Most wireless routers come with a default name for the network (e.g. 'linksys', 'default', etc.). Check your router's documentation for how to change this to something unique (e.g. 'MyNetwork1234'). Change the default channel for your router. WiFi networking gear has different channels it uses to communicate. Changing the default channel allows you to minimize interference from other equipment like cordless phones, televisions and microwaves. Most routers are pre-configured to communicate on channel 6. Check your router's documentation for how to change this to a different number - try channels 1 or 11 to start with. Use the wireless security. Current WiFi equipment supports WPA Personal encryption, which allows you to set a password that people will have to know before they can connect to your wireless router/access point. Enabling this will prevent unauthorized people from using your Internet connection and potentially slowing it down. Place your WiFi gear (routers, access points, adapters) away from cordless phones and base stations. Alternately, replace existing 2.4 GHz phones with 5.8GHz phones, which communicate on different frequencies.

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